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Deluxe Double

Deluxe Double
At 40 sq m, these rooms have living and sleeping zones separated by a sliding glass partition. There are slim LED TVs in both zones. The sleeping zone features a double bed, writing table with chair and wall TV.
The living zone features a comfortable sofa, coffee table and a wall TV with a low storage cupboard for DVDs and books. It opens up on to its own small balcony.
A longer kitchenette-style sink and cupboards, with tea and coffee making facilities and a family-size refrigerator, make it a very user-friendly zone for preparing quick snacks and drinks.
Bathrooms are more spacious with a hot and cold water shower cubicle and a wide wash basin counter.
Ideal for guests who require more space for their stuff, or are long-stay guests, who appreciate the zoning between sleeping and living in a comfortable layout similar to serviced apartments designed for two people.