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Indoor plants adorn areas of greenery and a garden atrium provides guests with a pleasing and relaxing, natural environment open to cooling breezes.

Community Mall

Our Community Mall is at the heart of our facilities where breakfast is served in our Café Green; also open for all-day dining. The mall features shops, ATMs and a 7-Eleven store.

Community Mall

Community mall’s dining and shopping are the core features of the property. Contemporary in design, the stylish mall stands directly in front of the hotel on the main street. It provides more privacy for hotel guests staying in the residence towers, while offering them the convenience of a 10-shop and restaurant mall on their doorstep.

Here, the Chor Cher’s restaurant, Café Green, is located serving breakfast for hotel guests and all-day dinning for guests and shoppers at the mall.

Visitors appreciate the well-stocked 7-Eleven, triple the size of the standard street corner convenience store. Restaurants, a bar and shops complete the Community Mall’s broad appeal for residents and hotel guests.